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Since the official release of ChatGPT at the end of 2022, various AI products have been widely, rapidly, and even accelerated into the technology industry, and in the foreseeable future, AI will also affect all aspects of ordinary people’s lives. Just in the first few months of 2023, a large amount of AI information, AI tools, and AI-related discussions are emerging every day on various online platforms, and there is a high probability that such a blowout will continue to grow with the development of AI and penetrate into every “traditional” industry and field (which is indeed happening).

In this new era of AI, we may need an information solution that is more efficient in obtaining information, more convenient in publishing, and more flexible in creating. Here are a few common needs that are summarized after a period of observation and thinking based on personal circumstances:

Get AI information more quickly and efficiently (here AI is also replaced by any other field)

It can connect various decentralized platforms and have an integrated framework

Faster and convenient cross-platform sharing and discussion

In order to achieve the above requirements, the exploration and prototype of RSS Share began gradually.

At the end of the 20th century, an information aggregation technology RSS ( Really Simple Syndication ) has been born, and its essential purpose is to provide a more convenient and efficient Internet information publishing and sharing, sharing more information in less time. And the way of information subscription based on RSS reached its peak in the early 21st century. However, with the development of social networks, the “Open Web” trend is slowly moving towards the “Closed Web”. More and more websites have canceled the support of RSS subscriptions, and the subscription method that only allows users to “follow” other users on the same platform has become an absolute mainstream, and it seems that everyone has almost become accustomed to it. RSS subscriptions have gradually faded out of public view and become a kind of “nostalgic” niche function.

RSSHub, an open-source project released by DIYgod in 2018, pulls websites that are closed or do not support RSS into the RSS family with the slogan “Everything is RSSible”, and has been widely supported on GitHub. RSSHub is a simple and easy-to-use RSS feed generator that supports various social media sites, making it possible to personalize the need to subscribe to people or channels you are interested in.

At the end of May 2023, in order to achieve the rapid acquisition and sharing of AI information, a combination of RSS and WordPress (+ plugin) were combined to finally achieve an open and easy-to-share RSS reader. Although this scheme does not perfectly achieve the three requirements listed above, I personally think that the overall effect has reached more than 60 points.

More details about the RSSShare Project will be added on GitHub ( ), stay tuned for the updates.

从 2022 年底 ChatGPT 的正式发布以来,各类 AI 产品广泛、快速、甚至加速地融入到科技行业,而且在可预见的不久的未来,AI 也一定会对影响到普通人生活的方方面面。仅仅在 2023 年的前几个月里,各个网络平台每天都在涌现一大批的 AI 资讯、AI 工具和 AI 相关探讨,而且这样井喷的状态很大概率也会跟随 AI 的发展保持持续的增长,并且渗透到每个 “传统” 的行业和领域(这些也确实都正在发生)。

在这个全新的 AI 时代,我们或许需要一种获取信息更加高效、发布更加便捷、创作更加灵活的信息解决方案。下面是结合个人情况,并经过一段时间的观察和思考后总结的几个普遍的需求:

更加快速高效地获取特 AI 资讯(这里 AI 也是替换为任何其他领域)



为了实现上面的需求,有关 RSSShare 的探索和雏形逐步开始。

上个世纪末,就已经诞生过一种信息聚合的技术 RSS (Really Simple Syndication), 其本质目的就是提供一种更为方便、高效的互联网信息的发布和共享,用更少的时间分享更多的信息。而且基于 RSS 进行信息订阅的方式在 21 世纪初曾达到顶峰。但随着社交网络的发展,曾经开放的 Web 趋势慢慢走向封闭的 Web,越来越多的网站取消了 RSS 订阅的支持,而且只允许用户 “关注 “ 在同一平台上的其他用户的订阅方式已经成为绝对的主流,而且似乎大家几乎已习以为常,RSS 订阅逐步淡出大众视野,变成了某种 ” 怀旧 “ 的小众功能。

2018 年 DIYgod 发布的开源项目 RSSHub 以 ” 万物皆可 RSS“ 为口号,把那些封闭或者不支持 RSS 的网站也拉入了 RSS 大家庭,在 GitHub 上受到了广泛的支持。RSSHub 是一个简单易用的 RSS feed 订阅源生成器,它对各类社交媒体网站的支持,让个性化订阅自己感兴趣的人或频道这个需求成为可能。

2023 年 5 月底,为了实现对 AI 资讯的快速获取和分享需求,结合 RSS 和 WordPress (+ 插件) 的组合方案,最终实现了一个公开且便于分享的 RSS 阅读器。虽然这套方案并没有完美的实现前面列出的 3 个需求,但个人认为在整体的效果已经到达了 60 分以上。

更多有关 RSSShare Project 的详细内容,会陆续在 GitHub ( 中补充,欢迎关注。

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